Ideas about KDE4 port

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This section should contain the ideas about KDE4 port, discussed on the mailing list.

steps to follow

move to kdevplatform

KDevPlatform is a free, opensource set of libraries that can be used as a foundation for IDE-like programs. It is programing-language independent, and is planned to be used by programs like: KDevelop, Quanta, Kile, KTechLab ... etc.
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Since KTechLab already implements it's own classes for project- and document-management (in a similar way KDevPlatform does), the porting should be quite easy. All related classes must implement it's KDevPlatform counterpart. This will remove a lot of code from the KTechLab code-base like DocManager, DocManagerIface and some code from the *Document* classes, that is not related to the specific document-type.

Here is a list of classes that are affected and it's current status of porting:

class action status new location comment
management classes
DocManager remove WIP
DocManagerIface remove WIP
ProjectManager port WIP
abstract document classes
Document port & simplify
DocumentIface remove
ItemDocument port & simplify
ICNDocument port & simplify
circuit document classes
CircuitDocument port
CircuitICNDocument merge to CircuitDocument
flowcode document classes
FlowCodeDocument port
FlowICNDocument merge to FlowCodeDocument
other document classes
TextDocument remove should be handled by KDevPlatform & friends

Model View Controller

QCanvas -> QGraphicsView