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Table of Contents

Development Versions

The development svn snapshot can be downloaded via

 svn co ktechlab

or from the Fedora Development repository (aka rawhide). Read below for more details.

To build the version from trunk, just check it out and run

 make -f Makefile.cvs

in the projects root directory. This will generate the configure script and after that you can do

 ./configure --prefix=$(kde-config --prefix)
 su -c "make install" 

as usual.

Subversion Access

The subversion repository is only recommended for developers, or people who like bleeding edge software. For most users, that means you should be downloading the stable version shown above instead. Of course, testing and bug reports of development versions are always welcome.

Fedora Development repositories

A weekly build against the latest svn snapshot is made on each sunday at the fedora project.

The build is available with:

 yum install ktechlab --enablerepo=development

To revert back to the ktechlab stable release:

 yum remove ktechlab

Then install the stable ktechlab:

 yum install ktechlab

Some patches

link patches ---- Insert non-formatted text here_ ----

-- 04:59, 15 August 2008 (CDT)Media:Insert non-formatted text hereImage:[[Example.jpg]]

Other development branches

There's a branch that makes use of the cmake build system. Since KTechLab should be ported to KDE4 in the future, this is a first step into this direction, as KDE4 will use cmake as it's build system. See CMake_Branch for details.


Mailing list: ktechlab-devel