KTechLab Features

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KTechLab Icon. This page lists the major features of KTechLab.

Table of Contents

Main Window

KTechLab main window.KTechLab uses the KMDI interface, familiar to users of Kate or KDevelop, it features a central working canvas between sidebars as shown in the picture on the left. The layout can be changed but this seems to cause problems and KMDI seems the most usable.


Circuit diagrams (or captures), flowcharts and code (c or assembly) are displayed as tabs above the design canvas in the main window. Diagrams are saved as XML files using a custom language and a .flowcode or .circuit file extention. Diagrams and code can be grouped together into projects which are stored in a .ktechlab file (a file pointing to the grouped code and diagrams).


Flowcharts are usefull for defining the control flow of an algorithm to be run in a programable integrated circuit (PIC).Flow blocks for variable definition, loop creation, some arithmetical operations,and many others are available.

Circuit Diagrams

Analog or digital circuits can be drawn and simulated "on the fly" while they are been built and measurements such as the branch current or a node voltage can be displayed by hovering over the circuit with the mouse.

Electrical Components Sidebar

To the side of the canvas, the electrical components and flow blocks sidebars can be found. The components can be dragged and dropped onto circuit or flow chart diagrams. It is usually best to keep this left hand sidebar open at all times while working, you can do this by clicking on the “Overlap” button (square icon) at the top of the sidebar.

Item Sidebar

On the right hand side, there is an Item sidebar which provides information and allows for the properties of the currently selected item in the diagram to be modified. There is also a context help sidebar which provides a helpful description of the currently selected item. Open source applications are criticized for their lack of documentation, this is why KTechLab strives to provide the users with large amounts of information.