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Informational Templates are ones that provide some information to the user about what is happening to the article or what is planned to happen



Items that tell users if someting is wrong with the article or if it is incomplete

Template:Under Development {{Under Development|~~~|a more complete article about X}}


General items to put at the bottom of a page

What it looks like What you type
Template:Discussion {{Discussion}}
Template:Stub {{Stub}}


Requests and informational boxes to place on pages

What it looks like What you type
Template:Wikify {{Wikify}}
Template:Cleanup {{Cleanup}}
Template:Delete {{Delete|this page is a duplicate}}
Template:Split {{split}}
Template:Split_for_index {{split for index|index:index}}
Template:Merge {{Merge|page1, page2}}
Template:MergeFrom {{MergeFrom|page}}
Template:MergeTo {{MergeTo|page}}
Template:reqimage {{reqimage}}
Template:catredir {{catredir|New category}}