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Page for open discussion about the project, and anything related; Organizing a meeting in real-time did not work well, because of my unpredictable schedule, so I'm starting a document for discussions.

Updated last status discussion as of 2014.07.06

  • status

    • kde4 port, based on kdevplatform

      • no recent functionality update, but there are no open issues about existing functionality
      • still work in progress...
    • conclusions about kdevplatform

      • it needs a lot of time, to get it done
      • sometimes too much abstraction doesn't help
      • in the long term it should start working
      • qt-only version might become a reality; it might help in simpler deployment
    • kde3 version status, code repository

    • webpage and wiki: migration from sourceforge

      • webpage is now at:
      • personally I really like the concept of git-backed wiki with the possibility of offline editing; on, the wiki editing was a pain for me because of the huge lag at page loading
      • any downside for using the github wiki?
  • plans

    • minimal usable functionality

    • what to do to have something working

      • needs discussion
    • sourceforge project: upgrade to Allura

      • this is done; any problems found by anybody?
    • future development procedure

      • needs discussion