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If you have any ideas for improvement, feel free to add them below!

Table of Contents


  • Connect component pins when they touch after placement (like in cadsoft/eagle). Should the pins remain connected if the pins are later dragged apart?
    • Yes, the pins should remain connected but the wires should be easily deleted. I use that method of connecting pins in Eagle and it would be hard to live without.
  • Allow inserting a component into a wire, so that the wire is broken in two with the component connecting at either end.
    • That's not a trivial task. How should the wire behave, when the component has got more then two pins? I could imagine to manually split the wire to have to ends and connect them to the new component.
  • Some intelligent connect tool that will connect up pins between components - e.g. if the pins are dragged over each other, or horizontally next to each other.
  • Wires should be movable.
    • How should they be moved? Shift+(drag with mouse) seems a good option (doesn't conflict with anything else, and could be used for moving other stuff like when clicking on buttons).
    • does that include my suggestion from above to provide a tool to split a wire into 2 parts to insert a new component?
  • Wires should be deleteable, there is no easy way to get rid of a wrong wire.
    • Wires can be deleted by dragging a selection box across the wire (it will turn blue), then pressing delete.
  • Show a full-sized crosshair when routing so that the end of the wire can be aligned propertly.
    • as far as I know, it does that
    • set usb port Input/Out like a parallel an serial ports.


  • Choose placement of input/output connectors when generating a subcircuit.
  • A subcircuit should be able to have bus as input/output.


  • Raise appropriate item selector on switching document. Could this get annoying? Are there any instances where a user might not want the item selector to change?
  • "Show All" zoom action (zooms in / out to a level that shows everything in the work area).
  • Templates for different file types (e.g. template assembly files).
  • Run/Stop Simulation button on toolbar
  • The ability to browse outside the boundaries of the circuit (i.e. to view more than just the absolute margins of the circuit).
  • Add possibility to flip/mirror a component on circuit editing
  • Being able to zoom in and out with Ctrl + Scroll Wheel would be very good. It is annoying to have to always go back to the toolbar to click the magnifier.


  • Soldering-iron picture for routing mode?
  • Grey-out differing properties in properties editor when the selection of Items has properties with different values.

General Usability

  • Allow creating a flowcontainer by dragging a rectangle (giving it the size and position of the rectangle).
  • Allow editing of embedded code in the FlowCode? element in a TextView?, instead of a popup dialog.
  • Be able to "shake" an item to get rid of attached connectors
    • moving the mouse side-to-side while left-clicking the item will remove all wires after a while.
  • Resize work area when changing size of a resizable item (the same as for when dragging an item off the current limits of the work area).
  • Add "Whats This?" help to items in the settings dialog.
  • Get rid of true/false check boxes for item boolean properties and replace with a 2-item combo boxes. (e.g. for "Use Toggle" in Logic Input).

Visual Feedback

  • Indicate the direction of current flow in a wire when hovering the mouse over.
    • The direction of the current is arbitrary. I don't know how physically accurate would be to draw it.


  • There should be some kind of "single step" â�,€�,�" to understand whats going on biggrin
    • Single step should be visible in pic souce: microbe source line or flowcode marked eg. highlight

Code Generation

  • Export as asm file from microbe ans/or flowcode

Polarized Capacitors and transformers

  • What about polarized capacitors and transformers?

AC Voltage/Current Sources

  • Ability to change the phase delay?


  • Providing blocks for array variables and for arithmetical operations (and, or, +, -,...)

New Essential Components

  • Tri-state buffer

Usb Device

  • promgram in a usb port like a parrallel port


  • It would be nice if, Potentiometers were able to diplay their actuall resitance.


Whould it be possible to import circuit files from Ktechlab to KiCad? So you can simulate them before make the PCB. Or import schem files from KiCad to Ktechlab? It would be great to be able to simulate the same circuits you'll after make.

Maybe it's easier to merge to programs like KiCAD and KThechLab than to develope both by separate.

Sorry for my bad english and thanks for all!