A GUI to monitor an OpenVPN Server
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A GUI to monitor an OpenVPN Server

What You Need

  • Xojo (the development language).
  • An OpenVPN server.
  • Add management localhost <some port> to the server config file to access its management features.

For example, if you add management localhost 5555, you should be able to telnet 5555 on the local machine to access its management features.

How To Use

Build the app using Xojo. Use settings to set the command that will access the management server. If running locally, this should start with telnet. If running remotely, set up SSH key authentication first and use something like ssh vpn.server 'telnet 5555'. Verify the command by trying it in a terminal first.

Who Did This

Kem Tekinay, MacTechnologies Consulting ktekinay at mactechnologies dot com

Release Notes

1.0 (Oct. 12, 2016)

  • Initial release.