These are scripts I wrote to download content (for personal use only) from my TiVo to my linux box.
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This is my package of two scripts I wrote up to work with my TiVo to
my linux box in terms of downloading content.

This rest of this README is way out of date and should be written. I'm
leaving this here for now to give you a sense of where its coming
from. Feel free to ask questions.


TiVo2Disk is a simple downloading application.  It downloads the shows
requested, and pipes them through tivolibre so you end with a useful
mpg file.  By default it will not give you the choice to download copy
protected content.

This was tested on both OS X and Linux.


TiVo2Podcast was my attempt to pipeline downloading shows, transcoding
them to be iPhone friendly, and then put them into an podcast friendly
RSS feed for easy loading and unloading into iTunes/iPhone/etc.

TiVo2Podcast requires:
 o tivolibre -
 o AtomicParsley -
 o HandBrakeCLI -

 o For commercial skipping you'll need:
   o libmp4v2 which we use ffi to call out to
   o Wine to run comskip.exe
   o comskip -

You'll want to copy doc/tivo2podcast.conf.sample to
~/.tivo2podcast.conf to make sure that TiVo2Podcast can find all the
helper applications and ini files it needs.

By default, the script will use dnnsd/ZeroConf/Bonjour to locate a
TiVo on your network.  This assumes you have all that stuff set up
correctly on your host computer.  If this doesn't work, or you have
multiple TiVos and you want to specify a particular one, you can also
pass the IP and/or hostname to your tivo to the script via the -t flag
which bypasses using dnssd, or the -n flag which looks for a TiVo with
a specific name via dnssd. You can also specify the TiVo's address in
the tivo2podcast.conf file.  You don't need the dnnsd gem if you
always configure the conf file or pass a -t.

You'll need to run TiVo2Podcast once to create the sqlite database
that TiVo2Podcast uses to store its data.  This database is at
~/.tivo2podcast.db, but you can move it by defining the environmental
variable TIVO2PODCASTDIR putting the file in

After the database is created, you can use the sqlite command line
tool to open the database and edit the 'configs' table to set up a
show or use the rails-like console to create and save Config objects.

* This needs to be updated greatly. *