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KTH DevOps Course

This repository contains the material and content of the DevOps course at KTH Royal Institute of Technology.


The schedule is at

If you can't see any schedule events on the HTML page
Change course rounds/groups in My settings or change the time period above so that it conforms to the course round.


Week 1: Introduction (mandatory)

  • Preparatory reading: DevOps principles and demo
  • Course introduction Martin Monperrus (Teaching philosophy, flipped classroom, Expectations, Team, Agenda, Grading, Communication, Infrastructure, Master's theses and Research)
  • Testimonial from last year's student
  • Goals: watch the repo, register one first task as a pull request on this repo.

Week 8: Cultural and legal aspects of DevOps

Week 9: Other topics


To pass the course, the student has to complete and pass between 3 and 5 tasks:

  • The tasks are in category: "presentation", "essay", "demo", "executable tutorial", "contribution to open-source", "feedback" (presentation and demos are mandatory, at most one in the same category, it is not necessary to cover everything).
  • The grading criteria page is the unique reference which explains how to pass each task category.
  • The student proposes a category and a topic, which is discussed and accepted by the TA. The proposal is made as a structured pull-request on this repository. The 3-5 graded contributions must have little overlap.
  • The same student cannot choose the same topic for two different tasks. The 3-5 tasks should cover different aspects of DevOps.
  • Deadlines:
    • Deadline for presentations and demos: the day and time they are given in person
    • Deadline 1 for essay / tutorial / open-source: April 11, 17h Stockholm time
    • Deadline 2 for essay / tutorial / open-source: April 24, 17h Stockholm time
    • Deadline 3 for essay / tutorial / open-source: May 8, 17h Stockholm time
    • Deadline for feedback on essays or katacodas: 48 hours after delivery for a given deadline
    • Deadline for repeated tasks (all): May 22, 17h Stockholm time.
    • The deadlines are strict and cannot be extended. Not meeting a deadline means failing the task / the repetition.
  • Final grading scheme
    • A: 5 completed tasks
    • C: 4 completed tasks
    • E: 3 completed tasks (excluding feedback)
  • Group work is encouraged (max 2 persons) but you cannot be with the same person for more than 2 projects. You can work alone for one or at most two projects.
  • A failed task requires to pass it again at the end of the course (repeat), based on the feedback from the failure. A task can only be repeated once.
  • If the whole course is failed, no grades are kept if the student registers again to the course the year after.
  • After a proposal has been merged, the topic of that proposal cannot be changed.

Group Rules

  • When you send a pull request for registration, please follow the name convention of using email addresses of two members to create the folder: email-email.
  • We recommend 2 students. Three is also possible for ambitious essays, demos or contribution to open-source.


  • All communication for the course DD2482 should be sent to
  • you create issues here if you think the question is good to be discussed publicly, the rules of netiquette fully apply.


Lectures The lectures are held on campus (no hybrid / no video link). The lecture locations are given on KTH Social The first lecture is mandatory, the other ones are strongly encouraged.

Lab sessions

  • Lab slots are not mandatory. They are given in person (preferably) or videoconf.
  • During the planned lab time slot, please use this Queue for booking online meetings
  • Specify your zoom meeting link when you register the queue

Examinations: Some tasks require physical presence (presentation, demo), others do not (essay, open-source, feedback).



  • A software engineering course (eg DD2480)
  • A networking course (eg IK2218)

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