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#include "BarController.h"
BarController::BarController( float min, float max, float initial_val, float increment)
//nothing too complicated here, we are simply creating the BarController object
//the parameters passed will be used to set the initial parameters for this object
//this includes min value, max value, initial value, and increment value
this->min = min;
this->max = max;
this->val = initial_val;
this->increment = increment;
void BarController::update()
//since the bar will be constantly updating, this function is essential
//we need to update the current information of the bar
this->val += this->increment; //increment the total power by the speed
if(this->val >= this->max || this->val <= this->min) //the end values
//when you reach one end, the speed needs to flip so you can go back to the other end
this->increment *= -1;// switch between -1 and 1
float BarController::value(){ return this->val; }
float BarController::getMin(){ return this->min; }
float BarController::getMax(){ return this->max; }