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#ifndef VEC_H
#define VEC_H
class Vector
Vector( );
Vector & operator + (const Vector &other)
this->x += other.x;
this->y += other.y;
this->z += other.z;
return *this;
Vector& operator=(const Vector &rhs) {
if (this == &rhs) // Same object?
return *this; // Yes, so skip assignment, and just return *this.
this->x = rhs.x;
this->y = rhs.y;
this->z = rhs.z;
return *this;
Vector& operator*(const float &rhs){
this->x *= rhs;
this->y *= rhs;
this->z *= rhs;
return *this;
Vector( float X, float Y, float Z );
void debug( const char* val);
float x;
float y;
float z;
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