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Zemmings: Project Vision

Zemmings is a project to expose game developers to Perl. The project will involve developing a game with the explicit aim of exposing the code. This will be different from another open source game, as the idea here is to write a book around the code. The book should allow a Perl novice to write the entire game from scratch!

Therefore several reviews of the code will be done to extract the most succinct framework. This framework will be developed as a the Avenger framework.

Zemmings: Story

The story so far is kept simple. There is a simple Dr. who lives in a cabin with his only daughter. Daughter is very sick [ :( ] and eventually dies. The Dr. is very lonely and decides to apply his research. He raises Daughter from the dead!!! Things are going great!

But the local villagers find out. Pitchforks & popcorn! The kill Daughter, and the Dr. is driven mad! He seeks revenge, especially against the 6 heroes. Raising minions from each graveyard in the towns of the valley, he is determined to get his revenge!