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#ifndef _MATRIX_
#define _MATRIX_
/* Functions to operate on Matrices */
GLdouble* mat_translate( vector g);
GLdouble* mat_rotate( vector g, vector l, GLdouble angle);
GLdouble* mat_scale( vector g );
GLdouble* mat_combine( GLdouble* t, GLdouble* r, GLdouble* s);
void mat_transform_vector( vector* out, GLdouble* m, vector in);
bool mat_inv(const GLdouble m[16], GLdouble invOut[16]);
void convert16_4( GLdouble in[16], GLdouble out[4][4]);
void mat_mul (GLdouble* src1, GLdouble* src2, GLdouble* dest);
GLdouble* mat_mul (GLdouble* src1, GLdouble* src2);
GLdouble* get_clipping_space_transform( );
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