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#ifndef _VECTOR_H
#define _VECTOR_H
//Ulitity functions for the vector structure
void add_vector(vector* sum, vector a, vector b );
void sub_vector(vector* sum, vector a, vector b );
void squared_vector( vector* a );
void divide_vector( vector* a, GLfloat b);
void copy_vector(vector* a, vector* b );
void multiply_vector(vector* c, vector a, vector b);
void zero_vector( vector* z);
void flood_vector( vector* z, GLfloat v);
void extract_vector( vector v, GLfloat* a, GLfloat* b, GLfloat* c);
//Debug functions
void debug_vector_p( vector* a, const char* );
void debug_vector( vector b, const char* );
void draw_vector_axis( vector* bb, GLfloat rad, vector c);
//OpenGL utility functions usince vectore
void glTranslate_vector( vector a );
void glRotate_vector( vector a, vector b);
//Calculate the distance betweem to vectors in the same coord system
GLfloat vector_dist( vector a, vector b);
//Vector transforms
GLdouble modelview_multiply( vector* s, GLdouble** inv, vector t ) ;
GLdouble* modelview_inv_get( ) ;
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