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//by Saul Kato
//Set up bidirectional (triangle-wave) Z-scanning using ring buffer of ASI Piezo stage
//based on ASIArrayScan.bsh by Kurt Thorn
import org.micromanager.navigation.PositionList;
import org.micromanager.navigation.MultiStagePosition;
//Function to send arbitrary commands to ASI Stage
String sendASICommand(String command){
mmc.setSerialPortCommand("COM3", command, "\r");
String asiReturn = mmc.getSerialPortAnswer("COM3", "\n");
asiReturn = asiReturn.replaceAll("\r", "\r\n"); //reformat multiline responses for display
return asiReturn;
print("Starting execution");
//baseline Z position
double zPositionBaseline = -250;
//Z step size in tenths of microns
double zStepSize= 25;
//number of Z Levels
int numZLevels=10;
int totalZPositions = 2 * numZLevels;
//create Z Position array (bi-directional sweep)
zPositionArray = new double[totalZPositions];
for (int i=0; i < numZLevels; i++) {
zPositionArray[i] = zPositionBaseline + i * zStepSize;
zPositionArray[totalZPositions - i -1] = zPositionArray[i];
//Clear the ring buffer, set to move Z only
ans = sendASICommand("RM X=0 Y=4 Z=0");
if (!ans.regionMatches(1,"A",0,1)){
error("Couldn't clear ring buffer");
//Load z positions into ASI controller ring buffer
int zNum = 0;
while (zNum < totalZPositions) {
String command = String.format("LD Z=%1$-4.1f", new Object[] {zPositionArray[zNum]});
ans = sendASICommand(command);
print (ans);
//set trigger mode to move to next ring buffer Z position upon TTL pulse
ans = sendASICommand("TTL X=1");
if (!ans.regionMatches(1,"A",0,1)){
error("Couldn't set TTL trigger mode.");
//Micro Manager dialog
//gui.message("ASI ring buffer loaded and ready to run.");
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