A lightweight, responsive, & simple lightbox alternative (depreciated)
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#Smoothbox A lightweight & simple jQuery lightbox script

##Demo Open demo in new window


  • Lightweight [1.7Kb]
  • Preloads images
  • Built in gallery for multiple items
  • CSS3 transitions for smoother effects
  • Responsive image sizes


  • Include jQuery, smoothbox.js, and smoothbox.css
  • Add a class of "sb" to any link that you wish to open in smoothbox
  • Want a caption? Add a title attribute to your link

##Browser Support

  • Full support: Chrome, Safari, Firefox (16+), Internet Explorer (9+)
  • Supported without transitions: Internet Explorer 8, Firefox (-16)
  • Unsupported: Internet Explorer 7 & down

##Licensing Free to use and modify personally or commercially. Not for resale.

##Help & Feedback Connect with me on twitter.