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This program was written after trying to setup a few of the different
free irc bot programs and finding that they do not fit my needs. This
bot is written in Python and is my first venture into Python. Updates
should be frequent.

If you have any question, comments or testimonies then please submit 
an issue at


The main focus of this IRC Bot is to respond to stored commands with 
stored responses without the need of a symbol. It also has commands 
that require authentication of the user calling the commands. All 
administrative commands do require a symbol. The currently available 
commands are in the usage block.


To start the bot and connect it to a channel you will need to set the
variables at the top of the Specifically:

	HOST			The IRC hostname
	HOME_CHANNEL	The default channel
	NICK			The default nick
	PORT			The default port
	SYMBOL 			The administrative symbol

Setting these will allow you to connect to a server and start using 
the bot.

The currently available commands are as follows:
	@learn <key>=<response> : 	Where <key> is the text that the bot 
								will respond to with <response>. 
								@learn hello=Hello There.

	@forget <key> :				Where <key> is a key currently in
								memory that Jiffy will no longer
								respond to.
								@forget hello

	@list :						Lists the currently memorized <key>'s
								Authentiaceted Users only

	@befreiend <user> : 		Where <user> is the user you would
								like to add to allow access to
								administrative functions.
								These functions include: