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Port of ofxPostGlitch to pixi.js
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A port of Maxilla's ofxPostGlitch for openFrameworks to Good Boy Digital's rather awesome pixi.js.

Get a feel for what you can do by watching Maxilla's demo:

Or twiddle the dials on this example. TODO: Update this demo to work with v3+ filters

#What you get A bunch of pixi.js filters roughly sliced into two categories.

Glitch filters

  • Convergence
  • Glow
  • Shaker
  • CutSlider
  • Twist
  • Outline
  • Noise
  • SlitScan
  • Swell
  • Invert

Colour remap filters

  • HighContrast
  • BlueRaise
  • RedRaise
  • GreenRaise
  • BlueInvert
  • RedInvert
  • GreenInvert


  • In general I've tried to remain true to the naming conventions in the original Maxilla shaders. They're a little bit nondescript - but hey, it's glitch right? Play with them and see what happens.
  • Filters in pixi are basically fragment shaders with some varyings/uniforms exposed via some pixi.js code. TL;DR they only work with WebGL contexts.

#Todo/Things I won't get around to

  • Build scripts.
  • Some basic docs describing each filter and its properties.
  • Rename properties to be a little more helpful.
  • More basic examples.
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