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Fine-grained Sentiment Analysis of User Reviews from AI Challenger
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Fine-grained Sentiment Analysis on User Reviews

This is a solution for the Fine-grained Sentiment Analysis of User Reviews challenge from AI Challenger.


The original Chinese dataset can be downloaded here.

We also translated 1/10 of the training data to English, using Google Translate API, which is already included in this repository.

Getting Started

  • Put data into the data folder, or
  • cp, and edit the file paths in

Make sure you have the required Python packages installed.

pip install -r requirements.txt

Train Models

Checkout 2. Model Selection.ipynb in notebooks.

Or run:

./fgclassifer/ -c LDA

Visualize the Results

We've build a visualization tool to evaluate the performance of different models. You can dive into a single review and check why a model predicted the given results by rerun the prediction on arbitrary sentence segments in a review. The visualization also allows you to see which sentiment aspects the model find it particularly difficult to predict.

A demo of the visualization can be found here:

For a detailed description of how we designed and implemented the visualization, check here.

To run the visualization locally:

python --port 500

Change --port as your like.

Evaluation of the Visualization

For the evaluation of the visualization, refer to this document.


The visualization can be easily deployed via Dokku. Just make sure to upload your pre-trained models to the appropriate persistent storage directory on the host machine.

Here's a list of Dokku commands you can probably use:

alias dokku="ssh dokku@your-host"

git remote add dokku dokku@your-host/review-sentiments
git push dokku  # first push automatically creates the app

dokku config:set review-sentiments FLASK_SECRECT_KEY=`openssl rand -base64 16`
dokku config:set review-sentiments DATA_ROOT=/opt/storage

# For storing pre-trained models
dokku storage:mount review-sentiments /var/lib/dokku/data/storage/review-sentiments:/opt/storage

Then upload the dataset and the pre-trained models to your host:

scp -r data/* /var/lib/dokku/data/storage/review-sentiments

You can also download pre-trained models here.

Local Development

With Docker

I recommend using the Docker image:

docker build -t ktmud/fgclassifier .
docker-compose up

Note that docker-compose will add storage mapping between your host machine and the Docker container, and set required variables.

You need to set DATA_ROOT to /opt/storage/ and create a /opt/storage/ folder on your host machine and make user it is accessible by Docker.

Without Docker

To run the app without Docker, install the required packages via requirements.txt, then make sure the data (and pre-trained models) are in your DATA_ROOT (take a look at for how file paths are defined).

pip install -r requirement.txt
export DATA_ROOT="./data"
python fgclassifier/
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