Google Appengine Standard

Sample project for Ktor running under Google App Engine standard infrastructure.



Run this project under local dev mode with:

gradle appengineRun

And navigate to http://localhost:8080/ to see the sample home page.


Use Google Cloud SDK to create application similarly to Google App Engine for Java Quickstart:

Install all the Google Cloud components and login into your account:

gcloud init
gcloud components install app-engine-java
gcloud components update  
gcloud auth application-default login

Create project and application:

gcloud projects create <unique-project-id> --set-as-default
gcloud app create

Then deploy your application with:

gradle appengineDeploy

You can checkout deployed version of this sample application at

Converting to Google App Engine

You'll need to remove the deployment block from application.conf, otherwise when running on Google App Engine the Servlet will not get it's environment configured correctly causing the Google Cloud API's to fail.