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@cy6erGn0m cy6erGn0m released this Apr 23, 2018 · 1050 commits to master since this release

Published 23 Apr 2018

  • New auth DSL, more suspendable functions (such as verify/validate)
  • RoutingResolveTrace for introspecting routing resolution process
  • HTTP client improvements and bugfixes (DSL, reconnect, redirect, cookies, websockets and more)
  • CIO http client pipelining support, chunked and more
  • CIO initial TLS support
  • Session authentication provider
  • OAuth2: introduce ability to generate and verify state field
  • OAuth: fix scopes parameter to conform to RFC (#329)
  • OAuth2: fix bug with double scopes encoding (#370)
  • OAuth2: add ability to intercept redirect URL
  • CORS: introduce allowSameOrigin option
  • Auth: provide application call as receiver for validate functions (#375 and related)
  • Test host reworked, handleRequest reads the body and redirects the exceptions correctly
  • Servlets: fixed inputStream acquisition, fixed error handling
  • Java 9 compatibility improved (no modules yet)
  • Digest auth fixes (#380)
  • Log running connectors details for better development experience (#318)
  • Last-Modified header and related functionality to work in proper GMT time zone (#344)
  • IncomingContent is deprecated
  • URLBuilder fixes and improvements
  • Documentation improvements
  • Performance optimizations (Netty, CIO server backends)
  • CIO server improved stability
  • Encrypted session support (SessionTransportTransformerEncrypt)
  • Empty (null) model for freemarker (#291)
  • ContentNegotiation missing Accept header support (#317)
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