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@e5l e5l released this 24 Sep 16:48
  • OkHttp: Can't reuse same HttpRequestBuilder for different network clients (KTOR-949)
  • Empty body in response using macosX64 target (KTOR-479)
  • Native: InvalidMutabilityException creating HttpClient (KTOR-915)
  • MultiPartData.readAllParts() throws when multipart list is empty (KTOR-767)
  • kotlin.native.concurrent.InvalidMutabilityException: mutation attempt of frozen io(.ktor.client.request.HttpRequestPipeline (KTOR-693)
  • "FreezingException: freezing of InvokeOnCompletion has failed" using native-mt coroutines (KTOR-973)
  • kotlin.native.concurrent.InvalidMutabilityException with 1.3.3-native-mt (KTOR-497)
  • Parser Exception in header with character code 1 not allowed (KTOR-860)
  • Calling HttpStatement#toString more than once throws IllegalArgumentException (KTOR-1005)
  • Wrong session id get stuck at clients (KTOR-1007)
  • Exception after WebSocketSession.close() invocation. (KTOR-847)
  • Error Ktor running on background thread on iOS (KTOR-499)
  • HttpClient can only be used on the main thread for native targets (KTOR-491)
  • Ignore content length when transfer encoding is chunked for CIO server (KTOR-1036)
  • ConcurrentList.increaseCapacity() throws ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException (KTOR-1034)
  • Ktor 1.3.1 Fails File Upload with MalformedInputException (KTOR-391)
  • Update library versions, fix config after release (KTOR-1027)
  • Fix parsing urls with trailing spaces (KTOR-886)
  • 1.4.0: breaking change by making response nullable in ResponseException (KTOR-916)
  • Netty: Not started servers leak resources (KTOR-939)
  • Ktor websocket client passes configured max frame as timeout millis (KTOR-923)
  • Routing: get matcher has higher priority than param matcher on the same level (KTOR-792)
  • Confusing log message about failed session lookup (KTOR-776)
  • Implement runtime check of using native-mt coroutines (KTOR-956)
  • Http parse security issue (KTOR-841)
  • Bumped versions:
    • kotlinx.coroutines 1.3.9-native-mt-2
    • kotlinx.serialization 1.0.0-RC2
    • kotlin 1.4.10