An simple app to convert Java i18n property files (also used in GWT) to an online Spreadsheet - on Google Docs. :-)
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video of the app in action:

As I've been recently given a task to "copy & paste" all our properties into an specyfic document on google docs - that the client wanted to use in order to translate these properties into other languages. Of course I decided not to do this by hand - but script it - and that's how props2xls came to be.

It's an Groovy + Java app that traverses an directory searching for *.properties files, and then matches their names together - and extracts their Locale from the filenames. Next, those strings are uploaded into an specified Google Spreadsheet. You can use any google account + password anc choose which spreadsheet/worksheet should be filled out with your data.

Note that the bottleneck here is the inserting into the Spreadsheet. This can be very much improved as one may use Batch inserts.

PS: One might call it an proof-of-concent, as the code is quite ugly but it was written in about 3-4hours. And will probably spare us a lot of time if some client wants to translate our properties once again... ;-)