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GeeCON "overlay" for your site ;-) Shows only while it's GeeCON time!
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What's "We're on GeeCON"?

A small joke from the GeeCON team :-)

This overlay will show a big GeeCON paw with the text "We're on GeeCON! We hope are you too!" which will hide in 3 seconds or less. It will only show when the date is "GeeCON time"!


Note: It will only show between the 16th and 19th May 2012 - that's when the GeeKs hack @ GeeCON!

Add it to your website like this if you love GeeCON (and get a special prize!):

<!-- We're on GeeCON -->
<!-- dependencies -->
<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>

<script src=""></script>
<!-- End Of We're on GeeCON -->

The overlay will display for 10 seconds and fadeOut. If you want to chage that time, feel free to do so (just for this repo ;-)).


Awesome, but how will look like on my page?

You can see a preview on

On (has white background): We're on GeeCON DEMO

On (has dark background): We're on GeeCON DEMO

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