IPython and SciPy on the iPad
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Computable – IPython for iPad

This repository contains basically the entire source (plus scripts, libraries, and other auxiliaries) of my retired app Computable, an IPython system for iPad.

Here's the deal:

  • This is not an active or maintained open source project. I put this code up solely for reference purposes. If you want to build an app with a built-in Python runtime, this code may be helpful to you. Note that this is old Objective-C code of the pre-64 bit, pre-Swift era.
  • The project will not compile as it is. I removed some third-party libraries (Dropbox, HockeyApp, Google Analytics), the entire thing was built with an old Xcode version, all native code is targeting 32 bit, and there are probably more hurdles.
  • I will not spend a minute more on this project. This means I won't answer any questions. You will need to figure out stuff yourself.
  • Use the code any way you like. A mention in the acknowledgements would be nice if you use parts of the code.
  • I reserve all rights to the name "Computable" and the app icon. Please don't use them, that's all I'm asking for. To repeat: any derivative work must not be named Computable, nor is it allowed to use my icon.
  • Other than that, enjoy!