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Play in your browser, here!


I made a custom engine on SDL2 for mostly 2d rendering (though 3d is supported, it just doesn't have much work put into it yet). This is a test of a few different systems:

  • scenes
  • menus
  • text rendering
  • general mesh rendering
  • shader pipeline
  • very simple serde
  • sound effects
  • sprite sheets/simple animation (working, not currently in use)


  • rewind!
  • replay files
  • dynamic window scaling (native)


  • set replay filename (native)
  • replay file safety checks
  • replay format compression

Known issues:

  • some rotational issues with tight spaces
  • web scale canvas with window size
  • web sound effects


requirements (native)

C++ (11) compiler, and:


pacman -Sy glew mesa sdl2


apt install libsdl2-dev libglew-dev


dnf install glew-devel SDL2-devel


# or
make run

build for web

depends on emscripten/emsdk

make wasm
# output in build/js/


  • Why do this?

    Implementing an existing game is a great way to isolate the technical/mechanical details. The core creative side - game rules, etc., is already handled. Tetris has simple mechanics, but hides a lot of depth and nuance.

  • Why does your C++ look like this?

    I really like C, and I'm not very experienced with C++. Mainly I end up writing C with some slight syntax adjustments, default parameters, and function overloading.

  • Why are you including .cpp files directly / using one big header file?

    I'm aware that this isn't the traditional structure of a C++ program. I chose to avoid creating many individual compilation units because a) it's less complex, and b) it compiles from scratch significantly faster - the best-case performance is probably slightly worse, but any potential build caching issues are off the table.

  • Why write engine code when you could be using ____ ?

    I like making the tools that make the product. Being realistic with expectations, this functions as a great learning exercise!

  • Why can you rewind?! You can't rewind in tetris...

    Why not! I wanted a simple replay system and as a side effect, game states can be played in reverse.

  • What is that sound that plays when you rewind?

    That's the sound of your going-back-in-time potion

  • ... can I turn it off?

    If you must.


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