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Findining Version 2 (Work in progress)

Rebuilding v2 of Food Truck finding app, Findining. Genre: Services/Food By: Katie So

To view

Heroku: or Run on localhost:


Findining was originally a group project built on RoR. You can find the old version here:

Updates 10/12 - 10/23

  • set up user model
  • auth with passport is up
  • created routes and api
  • Create and edit Users is complete
  • google map with geocode and infoWindow complete
  • views are working with ejs
  • truck list added to map views
  • truck list is interactive with map

Next Step:

  • Angular for frontend
  • Incorporate flash messages
  • User can delete
  • get current location
  • get direction to truck


finDining is the go-to app for anyone looking to see where the local food trucks are. To find food trucks, simply click on the CTA presented on the landing page, a interactive Google map will be there to show users where trucks are located.

We rely on food truck owners to sign up for an account and enter in their location.

Data Model ERD

User: username, truck name, location, food type


  • HTML5, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, Bootstrap (for responsive design), Nodejs, Express, MongoDB
  • Angular soon to come


  • User (truck owner) login
  • Authorization
  • Interactive Google map
  • Create, edit users

Hi-Fi Mock of landing page

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