Processes pptx presentations, optimized for repetitive processing large ones
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This library is created for repetitive processing large pptx presentations more CPU- and memory- effective than python-pptx library.

Persisting cache feature

The library caches all properties calculated from the xml and allows to save the cache and restore it on the second pptx-file load.

PPTX parsing status

gentle-python-pptx handles but python-pptx don't:

  • Colors
  • Nested text formatting
  • Shapes adding/removal/duplication
  • Slides adding/removal/duplication

python-pptx handles but gentle-python-pptx don't:

  • Specification-right pptx parsing
  • Tables
  • Charts
  • Notes slides

How to use

from gpptx.load import PresentationContainer

with open('file.pptx', mode='rb') as f:
    container = PresentationContainer(f)
    presentation = container.presentation
    # ...