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  App for UofTHacks 2017

Goal: to provide a better shopping experience for the user by removing the process of paying at the cash register.

With, the user has the ability to pay for products they buy at any store (retail primarily) through their phone, present the receipt before they walk out, and done. was created during UofTHacks 2017 by Darshan, Kent, Jaskiran, and Raj.

Must be familiar with Node/npm, Cordova, Ionic, and Android, Xcode.

Prepare app

In terminal run the commands:

git clone
cd Frontend
npm install
ionic state restore
ionic build

Run on IOS

If you want to run this on a iPhone, go to the platforms/ios directory and open the Xcode project file and set up the developer as yourself in the project settings. After you will need to run the app on your iPhone and go into settings -> general -> devices and authorize your developer certificate as trusted to run the app. Once you set that up, run the app again through Xcode and wait for it to load up on your iPhone. Note scanning is limited to the few items we had in the database.

Run on Android

If you want to run this on an Android phone, the requirements is that you need Android 5 and above. You will require to have Java and the correct Android SDK installed for your phone to run the app. Once you have met those requirements, in the terminal run ionic run android.

Run in Browser

To view the app on web, in terminal run ionic serve - then go to developer tab, and select "Enter Responsive Design Mode".

Contact Us

If there are any issues please feel free to get in touch with us. Thank you.


A mobile app that enables you to checkout without waiting in line. Currently on IOS and Android, packaged with Cordova.







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