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SBT-Vim Bridge

This is a Vim plugin that allows sbt to be used from within Vim.

Please email me if you have questions.


  • Vim, compiled with support for Python 2 or 3 (check with vim --version | grep -F +python)
  • SBT on your $PATH (check with which sbt)

Mac Homebrew users: if your Vim was built against Homebrew's Python, it probably won't work. To fix this:

brew unlink python
brew uninstall vim
brew install homebrew/dupes/vim
brew link python


If you use Pathogen, just clone this repository in your bundle directory:

git clone https://ktvoelker@github.com/ktvoelker/sbt-vim.git ~/.vim/bundle/sbt-vim

Otherwise, you will need to copy some files:

mkdir -p ~/.vim/plugin ~/.vim/python
git clone https://ktvoelker@github.com/ktvoelker/sbt-vim.git
cd sbt-vim
cp plugin/* ~/.vim/plugin/
cp python/* ~/.vim/python/


To compile:


This puts you into Vim's quickfix mode, where you can jump between compilation errors with :cn and :cp.

The first time you compile, an interactive sbt session will be created in the background. This can be slow, but subsequent compiles will be faster.

You can also run your tests:


If there are any test failures, you will be shown the list of failures in a new buffer. Do not delete this buffer. The code is new and can't handle that yet.

Advanced Usage

:py sbt_init()

This will start the background SBT session without executing any SBT commands.

:py sbt_close()

This will end the background session.