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Andy Gill edited this page Nov 18, 2016 · 8 revisions

I hate the use of () and tuples rather than the more Haskell friendly currying.

This is a JavaScript DSL. We keep as close as possible to what JavaScript does. Libraries on top of blank-canvas should use the typical Haskell style of function call.

How do I stop others from logging onto my blank-canvas application?

By default, blank-canvas only accepts traffic from the local machine.

Further, you can set up a password-based authentication, using the middleware option, and the authentication in module Network.Wai.Middleware.HttpAuth, in the wai-extra package,

Do you think blank-canvas would work with WebGL, for rich & fast graphics?

blank-canvas is a reflection of the standard (2D) HTML5 canvas. So no. But it should be possible to translate the ideas. blank-WebGL, anyone?

How did you generated this wiki?

Using a Shake script, or course. Even the wiki's on github are version controlled.

When do I used beginPath and endPath?


  • beginPath() clears the old path so you can define a new one.

  • closePath() connects the first point with the last point [...].

closePath() effects stroke, not fill.

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