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Memorandum For me

I am not a wiseman, what's more, with bad memory. In the past few years, I often forgot many things. Here I recode them.

As for authoring and document organization, I was entangled with this problem for a long time. The choice is below:

  • MS Word vs Plain Text?

    I like the philosophy simple is beatutity, Plain Text is preferred.

  • Vim vs Emacs?

    I don't want to provoke war between Vim and Emacs, both of them are powerful and perfect editor, stand for different philosophy and culture. I love both. Here Vim is preferred, since I have been working with Vim for many years, still not master it very well. I believe I can through practise. Also, I will try Emacs someday, it's just time issue.

  • Markdown vs Org-mode?

    I really like Org-mode - the life in plain text, which is for keeping notes, maintaining ToDo lists, doing project planning, and authoring with a fast and effective plain-text system. It's so crazy when I watched Google Tech Talk about Emacs Org-mode. I don't find perfect org-mode solution of Vim even though there're two projects woking on it, i.e. VimOrganizer and vim-orgmode. I will try them in the future, not now at least. Markdown is designed to be as readable as possible, intending for web publish. It has been supported in Vim community, mostly important, you're able to do some changes based on other folks' work easily. I want a big plain text recording verything, which means Markdown syntax need to define more than 6 heading levels. The corresponding Markdown-to-HTML tool also has to be tweaked. I'll resolve all of relevant issues in the future, not now. So far, Markdown file is organzied as per category, such as UMTS/LTE, CS, Codebase, E-learning, GTD, etc. Pandoc is used for Markdown-to-HTML tool before I fully master

Obviously, the ultimate conclusion is Plain Text + Vim + Markdown.

Last but not least, English writting is as preferable as possible. I hope to improve my writing skills in English and reach more people than before.