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vimfiles: Steven Lee's Vim Config

This config script is inspired by many Vim Gurus, especially thank Steve Francia (, since this script is based on his work on spf13-vim. I only do small changes in order to suit my work. Mostly important, I could learn much more knowledge of vim from them - Vim Guru. In addition, I need to thank other folks, might or might not, mentioned below:


So far I work with Windows XP in my daily work. Maybe someday I'll move to Linux/Solaris machine. Even with Windows XP, Cygwin is my preference. So this script support cross platform, i.e. Windows, Cygwin/Unix.


  1. cd $HOME
  2. git clone git://
  3. copy vimfiles\vimrc_liner.vim _vimrc
  4. cd vimfiles
  5. git submodule init
  6. git submodule update

###Cygwin or Unix

  1. cd $HOME
  2. git clone git:// ~/.vim
  3. ln -s ~/.vim/vimrc_liner.vim .vimrc
  4. cd .vim
  5. git submodule init
  6. git submodule update


  1. cd $HOME/.vim (*nix) or cd $HOME/vimfiles (Windows)
  2. git pull origin master
  3. git submodule update
  4. git submodule foreach git pull origin master