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Add help about not putting allegations in requests.

Add help about not impersonating.
Link to game from help.
Require login to play request game (probably should show some stuff
without login, but is nice to have login before they get to individual
request pages)
Cope with the game finishing (all being classified).
Make action links in game into buttons.
Margin at bottom of login page.
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1 parent 8bb84a0 commit 840232004037285c922b674d3cdb2a209083c25d francis committed Aug 26, 2009
17 app/controllers/request_game_controller.rb
@@ -4,17 +4,30 @@
# Copyright (c) 2009 UK Citizens Online Democracy. All rights reserved.
# Email:; WWW:
-# $Id: request_game_controller.rb,v 1.2 2009-06-23 13:52:25 francis Exp $
+# $Id: request_game_controller.rb,v 1.3 2009-08-26 23:13:28 francis Exp $
class RequestGameController < ApplicationController
def play
- # XXX make sure they're logged in
+ if !authenticated?(
+ :web => "To play the request categorisation game",
+ :email => "Then you can play the request categorisation game.",
+ :email_subject => "Play the request categorisation game"
+ )
+ # do nothing - as "authenticated?" has done the redirect to signin page for us
+ return
+ end
session[:request_game] =
old = InfoRequest.find_old_unclassified(:conditions => ["prominence = 'normal'"], :age_in_days => 10)
@missing = old.size
@requests = old.sort_by{ rand }.slice(0..2)
+ if @missing == 0
+ flash[:notice] = 'All done! Thank you very much for your help.'
+ redirect_to frontpage_url
+ end
# Requests similar to this one
21 app/views/help/about.rhtml
@@ -146,6 +146,23 @@ website) explains how to do this.</p>
<p>If you see that somebody has included personal information, perhaps
unwittingly, in a request, please <a href="/help/contact">contact us</a>
immediately so we can remove it.</p>
+<dt id="focussed">Why should I keep my request focussed?<a href="#focussed">#</a> </dt>
+<p>Firstly, WhatDoTheyKnow is not a place to run a campaign. If you make
+allegations about any individual, we will have to remove your request. This not
+only avoids problems with libel law, but it also makes it more likely your request will
+be answered quietly "under the wire". If you want confrontation, please <%=
+link_to 'start your own blog', ""%>. </p>
+<p>Secondly, there is a limit on the amount an authority needs to spend answering
+each request. If you ask for lots of information, the limit might be exceeded, and
+you might get nothing. If requests are very complicated, you can often simplify
+them by limiting the time period.
<dt id="private_requests">I'd like to keep my request secret! (At least until I publish my story) <a href="#private_requests">#</a> </dt>
@@ -262,6 +279,8 @@ a good reason why you cannot make the request yourself and cannot
ask a friend to. We don't have the resources to do this for everyone.
+<p>Please do not try to impersonate someone else.</p>
<dt id="full_address">They've asked for my postal address! <a href="#full_address">#</a> </dt>
@@ -584,6 +603,8 @@ You're all stars.
<p>Yes please! We're built out of our supporters and volunteers.</p>
<li>You can <a href="">make a donation</a>. We're a registered charity.</li>
+ <li>Help people find successful requests, and monitor performance of authorities, by
+ <a href="/categorise/play">playing the categorisation game</a>. </li>
<li>Find out FOI email addresses of <a href="#missing_body">authorities that we're missing</a>.</li>
<li>Write a blog post about either WhatDoTheyKnow or an interesting request that you've
found. Post about it on a forum that you frequent. Tell friends about it.</li> <li>If you're
1 app/views/request/_describe_state.rhtml
@@ -104,6 +104,5 @@
<%= link_to "sign in", signin_url(:r => request.request_uri) %>
and let everyone know.
<% end %>
3 app/views/request/new.rhtml
@@ -50,7 +50,8 @@
<li>Write your request in <strong>simple, precise language</strong>.</li>
<li>Ask for <strong>specific</strong> documents or information, this site is not suitable for general enquiries.</li>
- <li>Keep it <strong>focussed</strong>. If you ask for everything it might cost too much and you might get nothing.</li>
+ <li>Keep it <strong>focussed</strong>. Keep the cost down, and avoid making accusations
+ (<a href="/help/about/#focussed">why?</a>).</li>
<li>This site is <strong>public</strong>. Everything you type and any response will be published.</li>
24 app/views/request_game/play.rhtml
@@ -1,20 +1,24 @@
+<% @title = 'Play the request categorisation game!' %>
-<h2>Help Us!</h2>
+<h2>Play the request categorisation game!</h2>
-<p>Hi! We need your help. We have <%= @missing %> requests where the person who
-made them hasn't told us whether or not they were successful. We would
-be exceedingly grateful if you could choose one of these requests, read
-it, and let everyone know whether or not the information has been
+<p>Hi! We need your help. We have <%= @missing %> requests which have had a
+response, but where the person who made them hasn't told us whether or not they
+were successful. </p>
+<p>We would be exceedingly grateful if you could choose one of these requests,
+read it, and let everyone know whether or not the information has been
<%= render :partial => 'request/request_listing', :locals => { :info_requests => @requests } %>
-<hr />
- <li><%= link_to "I don't like these ones &mdash; give me some more!", play_url %></li>
- <li><%= link_to "I don't want to do any more tidying now!", stop_url %></li>
+<p id="game_buttons">
+<%= button_to "I don't like these ones &mdash; give me some more!", play_url %>
+<%= button_to "I don't want to do any more tidying now!", stop_url %>
+<p>Thanks for helping - your work will make it easier for everyone to find successful
+responses, and maybe even let us make league tables...</p>
15 public/stylesheets/main.css
@@ -209,7 +209,11 @@ body
padding: 0.20em 10px 0.25em 1em;
color: #FFF;
- #logged_in_bar a, #logged_in_bar a:visited { color: #92B3FF; }
+#logged_in_bar a, #logged_in_bar a:visited
+ color: #92B3FF;
/*------------------------------------------------ wrapper*/
@@ -864,6 +868,7 @@ p#sign_in_reason
clear: none;
width: 23em;
+ margin-bottom: 1em;
#signup h2,
#signin h2
@@ -1007,3 +1012,11 @@ div.act_link img {
margin: 0.5em 0;
+/*------------------------------------------------ request categorisation game */
+#game_buttons {

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