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Machine Learning and Statistical Methods for Clustering Single Cell RNA-sequencing Data

Comparison among several scRNA-Seq clustering algorithms under two datasets:

PBMC dataset

Dataset was downloaded from [1], containing 10 bead-enriched subpopulations of peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) from a fresh donor (Donor A). The 19,630 genes used are expressed in at least 3 cells.

The following methods were compared:

  • k-Means
  • BackSPIN [2]
  • cellTree [3]
  • CIDR [4]
  • DendroSplit [5]
  • ICGS [6]
  • Monocle [7]
  • pcaReduce [8]
  • SC3 [9]
  • SCRAT [10]
  • Seurat 1.0 [11]
  • SNN-Cliq [12]

Source code can be found at the PBMC folder, and it assumes you have each method installed the machine. Source code was implemented in MATLAB 2018a.

Dataset processed for each method can be download at: here

Breast cancer dataset

Dataset was downloaded from [13], containing 515 cells of 11 patients with breast cancer. We extracted the top 5,000 differentially expressed genes. Cells are in three groups: Immune, Stromal or Tumor. We used 5 patients that contain cells of the three groups, with 212 cells in total.

The following methods were compared:

  • Separated k-Means
  • Pooled k-Means
  • Separated cellTree [3]
  • Pooled cellTree [3]
  • Separated SC3 [9]
  • Pooled SC3 [9]
  • Separated Monocle [7]
  • Pooled Monocle [7]
  • Seurat 2.0 [14]
  • scVDMC [15]

Source code can be found at the BRCA folder, and it assumes you have each method installed the machine. Source code was implemented in MATLAB 2018a.

Dataset processed for each method can be download at: here


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