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Kuapay Technologies, Inc.

Payments Technologies

Objective-C 0 0


Static library for integrating Kuapay payments into an iOS application

Updated Mar 18, 2015

Java 0 0


Static library for integrating Kuapay payments into an Android application

Updated Mar 5, 2015


Scripts in different languages to make purchases from your website using Kuapay

Updated Apr 25, 2013

Objective-C 94 21


This project derives content heavily from iOS Certificate, Key, and Trust Programming guide. It's primary purpose is to give the user the ability to quickly import/export RSA private keys from the keychain to the console.

Updated Mar 26, 2013


This Xcode 4 project is put together as a template to create 2D QR codes within your iPhone code.

Updated Feb 18, 2013

JavaScript 2 1


Super Easy to implements Templating Engine based on Mustache

Updated Jul 21, 2011

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