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Reverse engineering the clean code

There are certain usability principles: easy to learn by heart, hard to use on the daily basis – especially hard when you are an engineer. You are the brainiac, you find it naturally easy to build abstractions and then quickly start reflecting this through code. The primary objective: model the reality with classes, functions. Easy stuff – that’s the way we work. Hard stuff - empathy; we assume others build same abstractions and we are quickly on the same page. They don’t.

In this session I aim to fall back to design 101; take some design principles and show how they are reflected in code. Take Krug’s “Don’t make me think” and ponder a bit about it while digging though long lines of Your Enterprise’ish Spaghetti Code Application™. The code is our user interface and same patterns apply - I’ll tackle a few of those.

Presented at:

  • 2014-05-16 GeeCON 2014 Lightning talk