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Multi language javascript plug-in

Basic info

Languative will look for all tags in Your html page that have atribute 'data-phrase-id'.

<p><strong data-phrase-id="welcomeMessage">Welcome on languative demo page</strong></p>

If it find that tag it do two things:

Save innerText to "html" dictionary:

languative.dictonaries.html["welcomeMessage"] = "Welcome on languative demo page";

And then it will change this tag 'innerText' to valude defined in active dictionary.

<p><strong data-phrase-id="welcomeMessage">Witaj na stronie testowej Languative</strong></p>

Modifing dictionary

Languative loads at startup defaults dictionary from html code. This dictionary is called "html". If Languative cannot recognize active languagi it will use this default "html" dictinary. So You dont have to modify default dictionary (for example example "en"). Default dictionary (named "html") is loaded directly from html code. If languative cannot find 'data-phrase-id' for selected language "html" language will be used.

You can add as many languages as You wish:

languative.modifyDictionary("pl", {
  welcomeMessage: "Witaj na stronie testowej Languative",
  selectLanguage: "Możesz wybrać język przez kliknięcie linków poniżej",
  english: "Angielski (English)",
  polish: "Polski",
  german: "Niemiecki"
languative.modifyDictionary("de", {
  welcomeMessage: "Willkommen auf languative Demo-Seite",
  selectLanguage: "Sie können Sprache, indem Sie auf Links unten verändern"

As You see there is no need to define all dictionary phrases.

You can also change default "html" dictionary loaded from page code:

languative.modifyDictionary("html", {
  githubLink: "Fork me on GitHub"

You can load all html page phrases to JavaScript object;

document.getElementById("htmlDictionary").innerText = JSON.stringify(languative.dictonaries.html, null, "  ");

Modifing page language

Modifing page language is as simple as this piece of code:

<a href="#" onclick="languative.changeLanguage('pl');" data-phrase-id="polish">Polish</a></li>


Multi language library for javascript






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