Generates simple openHAB items and sitemaps for your home.
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Yeoman openHAB Generator NPM version

This is a command-line tool that generates openHAB items, sitemap and a HABPanel dashboard for your home. openHAB is a vendor and techology agnostic open source automation software for your home.

openHAB generator

With this generator you'll set up your smart home with a least amount of work. Simply provide some details on how your house is structured:

  1. How many floors are in your house
  2. Select the rooms on each floor (e.g. Kitchen, Living room and Bathroom)
  3. Assign smart devices to each room
  4. Done!

As a result this generator will produce an your-home-name.items file along with your-home-name.sitemap and a HABPanel json file that you can later export.


First, install Yeoman and generator-openhab using npm (we assume you have pre-installed node.js). If you're using openHABian, Node.js should be already installed.

npm i -g yo generator-openhab

Then go to your openhab-config/ folder and generate your files:

cd /etc/openhab2
yo openhab


MIT © kubawolanin