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42 Homebrew

Install Homebrew properly on your 42 session

Works on ISCSI sessions, and fixes flock issues on NFS sessions.

Moves temporary Homebrew data (Temp and Cache) to /tmp, leaving your home directory cleaner.


Run this command from your terminal:

curl -fsSL | zsh

Homebrew is now ready on your session.

How it works

This script removes your current Homebrew installation in your home if any, and reinstalls it properly from the Homebrew Github repo.

Then it simply creates a .brewconfig.zsh script in your home directory, and modifies your .zshrc to source the script.

It is simple to remove, and you can re-run it multiple times without duplication.


Simply remove these lines from your .zshrc

# Load Homebrew Fix script
source $HOME/.brewconfig.zsh

And delete .brewconfig.zsh in your home directory.