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@kubernetes-bitnami kubernetes-bitnami released this May 20, 2019 · 169 commits to master since this release

This release includes a new feature:

  • Now it's possible to configure an App Repository to modify the default behavior when populating its charts information. See the documentation for more information.

Apart from that it includes several bug fixes:

  • Fix for releases with non-semver versions.
  • Fix for the login form when serving Kubeapps in a sub-path.
  • Fix for applications that contains a list of resources other than the type List.
  • Allow to install applications that contains resource types that don't exist prior to the installation.

Check the changelog below form more information.


To install this release, ensure you add the Bitnami charts repository to your local Helm cache:

helm repo add bitnami
helm repo update

Install the Kubeapps Helm chart:

helm install --name kubeapps --namespace kubeapps bitnami/kubeapps

To get started with Kubeapps, checkout this walkthrough.


  • Catch non semver compatibility error (#1034) 8e350b5 (Andres Martinez Gotor)
  • Use relative path to fetch oidc token (#1032) 47d4d69 (Andres Martinez Gotor)
  • [apprepository-controller] Allow to modify the repo sync job (#1028) 7662161 (Andres Martinez Gotor)
  • Treat anything with items as a list in AppView (#1030) 25fbfe7 (Andres Martinez Gotor)
  • Bypass permission check for elements that are not found in the API (#1027) cc186fc (Andres Martinez Gotor)
  • bump chart version to 1.6.2 for kubeapps v1.3.2 release (#1023) 4e38ee6 (Adnan Abdulhussein)
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