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@kubernetes-bitnami kubernetes-bitnami released this Aug 26, 2019 · 109 commits to master since this release

This release includes a new feature: Now it's possible to rollback releases to a previous state as requested in #997. Apart from that it includes several minor bug fixes. Take a look to the changelog below for more details!


To install this release, ensure you add the Bitnami charts repository to your local Helm cache:

helm repo add bitnami
helm repo update

Install the Kubeapps Helm chart:

helm install --name kubeapps --namespace kubeapps bitnami/kubeapps

To get started with Kubeapps, checkout this walkthrough.


  • Remove code related to resolve chart when rolling back (#1134) a6078de (Andres Martinez Gotor)
  • Use dry-run to resolve manifest when rolling back (#1133) e3cc60f (Andres Martinez Gotor)
  • Don't ignore system cert error (#1132) 662e39b (Michael Nelson)
  • Add redux actions for app operations (#1131) b99702e (Andres Martinez Gotor)
  • Refactor Modals style (#1130) 42716b8 (Andres Martinez Gotor)
  • Move fetching of Auth secret to client initialization (matching customCA) (#1129) 1ed760f (Michael Nelson)
  • Update clientWithDefaultUserAgent to clientWithDefaultHeaders (and defaults don't override) (#1128) 9bb1d57 (Michael Nelson)
  • Test refactor in preparation for change authz header initialization (#1127) 08958c7 (Michael Nelson)
  • Rollback UI (#1121) bcda746 (Andres Martinez Gotor)
  • Handle error when specified CA cert secret is not present. (#1125) a9ae8bd (Michael Nelson)
  • Add tests for InitNetClient. Refactor to pass chart details (#1124) 746ee38 (Michael Nelson)
  • Parsing of tiller request details accepts an AppRepositoryResourceName (#1122) 649931b (Michael Nelson)
  • [tiller-proxy] Add endpoint to rollback releases (#1115) 8a9cf8e (Andres Martinez Gotor)
  • Set terminal white-space to pre-wrap (#1116) 308d105 (Andreas Lindhé)
  • Fix overflow for SecretType. Fixes #1109 (#1117) 3ad4182 (Michael Nelson)
  • Use yaml.safeLoad for pod template. (#1118) 47b6944 (Michael Nelson)
  • Add JobTemplate to web UI (#1085) 72e5cc0 (Andres Martinez Gotor)
  • Use Kube.APIBase consistently (#1113) 44ecc2a (Michael Nelson)
  • Document Kubeapps frontend proxying to k8s api (#1112) bf47291 (Michael Nelson)
  • Switch to Go Modules (#1108) ab5396c (Marko Mikulicic)
  • State not set to authenticated when validateToken fails with non-401 error (#1100) 54127be (Michael Nelson)
  • Update deps (#1103) 0bec7b4 (Andres Martinez Gotor)
  • Set authenticating to false on authError (fixes #1092) (#1099) a70e61c (Michael Nelson)
  • http client use proxy settings from environment (#1097) ba078d8 (Florent Fourcade)
  • Bump chart version (#1094) 9f1fed5 (Andres Martinez Gotor)
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