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package v1alpha1
import metav1 ""
const (
ResourceKindMongoConfiguration = "MongoConfiguration"
// MongoDBConfiguration defines a MongoDB app configuration.
type MongoDBConfiguration struct {
metav1.TypeMeta `json:",inline,omitempty"`
// ConfigServer is the dsn of config server of mongodb sharding. The dsn includes the port no too.
ConfigServer string `json:"configServer,omitempty"`
// ReplicaSets contains the dsn of each replicaset of sharding. The DSNs are in key-value pair, where
// the keys are host-0, host-1 etc, and the values are DSN of each replicaset. If there is no sharding
// but only one replicaset, then ReplicaSets field contains only one key-value pair where the key is
// host-0 and the value is dsn of that replicaset.
ReplicaSets map[string]string `json:"replicaSets,omitempty"`
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