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The Kubeflow Blog

powered by fastpages

Contributing To The Kubeflow Blog


All contributors are expected to adhere to the Kubeflow Contributing Guidelines.

How to use fastpages

This blog is built with fastpages. Resources for learning more about fastpages:

  • The fastpages README: contains instructions on almost everything about how to operate and debug fastpages. Most questions should be addressable by reading this README.
  • The fastpages Troubleshooting guide: contains instructions on how to troubleshoot issues with fastpages.
  • The fastai blogging forums is a good place to search for issues or questions.

Blog Submission Instructions

  1. Propose your idea for a blog by opening an issue in this repo.
  2. Write your blog post, in markdown or notebook format.
  3. Test your blog post locally to ensure that it renders appropriately.
  4. Open a pull request referencing your issue.

Review Process

The review process checks for content appropriateness, technical accuracy, and copyediting. The following reviews should be made in order:

  1. Adherance to the blog submission guidelines.

  2. Technical subject matter expertise(SME)

    • To identify SME experts refer to to identify the relevant work group
    • Ping the GitHub group for the work group leads to assign an appropriate reviewer
    • The group should be named wg-<name>-leads in GitHub you can ping them using @kubeflow/wg-<name>-leads
  3. Copyediting to adjust language, and fix typos and formatting errors.

  4. Final approval by one of the approvers listed in the root OWNERs file.