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Adopters of Kubeflow Katib

Below are the adopters of project Katib. If you are using Katib please add yourself into the following list by a pull request. Please keep the list in alphabetical order.

Organization Contact Description of Use
Akuity @terrytangyuan
Ant Group @ohmystack Automatic training in Ant Group internal AI Platform
babylon health @jeremievallee Hyperparameter tuning for AIR internal AI Platform
caicloud @gaocegege Hyperparameter tuning in Caicloud Cloud-Native AI Platform
canonical @RFMVasconcelos Hyperparameter tuning for customer projects in Defense and Fintech
CERN @d-gol Hyperparameter tuning within the ML platform on private cloud
cisco @ramdootp Hyperparameter tuning for conversational AI interface using Rasa
cubonacci @janvdvegt Hyperparameter tuning within the Cubonacci machine learning platform
CyberAgent @tenzen-y Experiment in CyberAgent internal ML Platform on Private Cloud
fuzhi @planck0591 Experiment and Trial in autoML Platform
karrot @muik Hyperparameter tuning in Karrot ML Platform
PITS Global Data Recovery Services @pheianox CyberAgent and ML Platform