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KubeMQ - MSMQ Connector Demo
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Kubemq.msmsq.sdk example use case, the upgrade to .Net Core when legacy code still depends on MSMQ.

Getting Started

This demo includes three main components

  • msmq_generator(.Net) - representing the unchanged legacy code - MSMQ message generator running on windows server.
  • kubemq_msmq_worker(.Net) - KubeMQ connector, performs as a bridge between KubeMQ and .Net, running on windows server.
  • kubemq_msmq_receiver - represents an upgraded .Net Core process communicating with the msmq_generator(.Net) using KubeMQ


  • Kubernetes environment or docker orchestration
  • Windows server .net with MSMQ queues ".\private$\raqueue", ".\private$\receiver"
  • KubeMQ running with port forward access to GRPC_PORT and REST_PORT


Windows server: Configure MSMQ queues ".\private$\raqueue", ".\private$\receiver" run kubemq_msmq_rates_generator configure kubme_msmq_worker appsettings.json and run

"KubeMQ": {
    "ChannelName": "MsDemo.KubeMQ.0", //equal to the SDK
    "Timeout": 10000, //RPC timout
    "Address": "", //KubmeMQ GRPC_PORT 
    "GroupName": ""//fill if more then one in round robing pattern

Docker: Deploy KubeMQ from (

Deploy client container kubemq/kubemq_msmq_client

docker pull kubemq/kubemq_msmq_client

Deploy kubemq_msmq_receiver

docker pull kubemq/msmq_receiver

msmq_receiver has some environment variable to communicate with kubme_msmq_worker

      KUBEMQSCHANNEL:       MsDemo.KubeMQ.0
      KUBEMQTIMEOUT:        10000

login to kubemq_msmq_client

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