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How to Contribute

Loodse projects are Apache 2.0 licensed and accept contributions via GitHub pull requests. This document outlines some of the conventions on development workflow, commit message formatting, contact points and other resources to make it easier to get your contribution accepted.

Certificate of Origin

By contributing to this project you agree to the Developer Certificate of Origin (DCO). This document was created by the Linux Kernel community and is a simple statement that you, as a contributor, have the legal right to make the contribution. See the DCO file for details.

Any copyright notices in this repo should specify the authors as "the Loodse Machine Controller project contributors".

To sign your work, just add a line like this at the end of your commit message:

Signed-off-by: Joe Example <>

This can easily be done with the --signoff option to git commit.

By doing this you state that you can certify the following (from

Email and Chat

The Machine Controller project currently uses the general Loodse email list and Slack channel:

  • Email: loodse-dev
  • Slack: #kubermatic channel on Kubermatic Slack

Please avoid emailing maintainers found in the MAINTAINERS file directly. They are very busy and read the mailing lists.

Reporting a security vulnerability

Due to their public nature, GitHub and mailing lists are not appropriate places for reporting vulnerabilities. If you suspect you have found a security vulnerability in rkt, please do not file a GitHub issue, but instead email with the full details, including steps to reproduce the issue.

Getting Started

  • Fork the repository on GitHub
  • Read the README for build and test instructions
  • Play with the project, submit bugs, submit patches!

Contribution Flow

This is a rough outline of what a contributor's workflow looks like:

  • Create a topic branch from where you want to base your work (usually master).
  • Make commits of logical units.
  • Make sure your commit messages are in the proper format (see below).
  • Push your changes to a topic branch in your fork of the repository.
  • Make sure the tests pass, and add any new tests as appropriate.
  • Submit a pull request to the original repository.

Thanks for your contributions!

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