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Name Type Description Notes
available_replicas int Total number of available pods (ready for at least minReadySeconds) targeted by this deployment. [optional]
collision_count int Count of hash collisions for the Deployment. The Deployment controller uses this field as a collision avoidance mechanism when it needs to create the name for the newest ReplicaSet. [optional]
conditions list[V1DeploymentCondition] Represents the latest available observations of a deployment's current state. [optional]
observed_generation int The generation observed by the deployment controller. [optional]
ready_replicas int Total number of ready pods targeted by this deployment. [optional]
replicas int Total number of non-terminated pods targeted by this deployment (their labels match the selector). [optional]
unavailable_replicas int Total number of unavailable pods targeted by this deployment. This is the total number of pods that are still required for the deployment to have 100% available capacity. They may either be pods that are running but not yet available or pods that still have not been created. [optional]
updated_replicas int Total number of non-terminated pods targeted by this deployment that have the desired template spec. [optional]

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