SSH Jump server for Kubernetes
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SSHD Jump server for Kubernetes

What's this

Docker image

Centos:7 with openssh installed.

Kubernetes files

Start the sshd server in Kubernetes. The server can be used as jumpbox to access Kubernetes inernal network.

How to deploy in Kubernetes


make all
kubectl describe service sshd-jumpserver-svc
ssh -i sshkeys/idrsa root@${LoadBalancer Ingress address}

Generate your ssh key

generate the id_rsa key or copy your own key to sshkeys folder

make newkey

Encode the ssh key with bas64 and create secrets file

make gensecret
make addsshkey

create service and replication controller

make deploy

find the endpoint and ssh to the jump server

kubectl describe service sshd-jumpserver-svc

Name:           sshd-jumpserver-svc
Namespace:      default
Labels:         name=sshd-jumpserver-svc
Selector:       app=sshd-jumpserver
Type:           LoadBalancer
LoadBalancer Ingress:
Port:           ssh 22/TCP
NodePort:       ssh 30583/TCP
Session Affinity:   None
No events.

then you can ssh to the jump server with the private key

ssh -i sshkeys/id_rsa

Warning: Permanently added the ECDSA host key for IP address '' to the list of known hosts.
[root@sshd-jumpserver-rc-oj6bv ~]#

delete service and replication controller

make remove