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csi-test houses packages and libraries to help test CSI client and plugins.

For Container Orchestration Tests

CO developers can use this framework to create drivers based on the Golang mock framework. Please see co_test.go for an example.

Mock driver for testing

We also provide a container called quay.io/k8scsi/mock-driver:canary which can be used as an in-memory mock driver. It follows the same release cycle as other containers, so the latest release is quay.io/k8scsi/mock-driver:v0.3.0.

You will need to setup the environment variable CSI_ENDPOINT for the mock driver to know where to create the unix domain socket.

For CSI Driver Tests

To test drivers please take a look at pkg/sanity. This package and csi-sanity are meant to test the CSI API capability of a driver. They are meant to be an additional test to the unit, functional, and e2e tests of a CSI driver.


  • Master is for CSI v0.4.0. Please see the branches for other CSI releases.
  • Only Golang 1.9+ supported. See gRPC issue

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